What we offer

What we offer

In our practice, we offer consultations for new-born babies, infants and teenagers up to 16 years old. We work as conventional medical practitioners, but also support you if you choose paramedical paths.

Our practice is located on the ground floor and is accessible to wheelchairs. The established practice team is ready to provide you with professional support.

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  • Emergency consultations in the event of illness or injury
  • Preventive checks
  • Investigations into acute and chronic symptoms
  • Allergy investigations (asthma, hay fever, atopic eczema)
  • Investigations into excessive growth and reduced growth
  • Advice on sleep disturbances, bedwetting/uncontrolled wetting, eating problems

Technical provision

  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Immunisations for Switzerland and abroad
  • Laboratory investigations (blood, urine, stool, swabs)
  • Ultrasound examinations of the hip
  • Minor wound management